The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) is the largest professional educational association, principal voice, and information clearinghouse devoted to enhancing technology and engineering education through experiences in our schools (K–12). Its membership encompasses individuals and institutions throughout the world, with primary membership in North America.

ITEEA's mission is to advance technological capabilities for people and to nurture and promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits. ITEEA represents more than 35,000 secondary technology and engineering educators in the U.S. alone who are developers, administrators, and university personnel in the field representing all levels of education. 

ITEEA conducts various professional development programs and holds an Annual Conference in the United States, the largest technology education showcase of exhibits and educational sessions in the world. ITEEA sponsors an active honors and awards program that recognizes outstanding teachers, and programs (K-12) froom states, provinces and countries which are affiliated with the Association.

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The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is the world's largest organization working on behalf of young children. NAEYC's mission is to serve and act on behalf of the needs, rights and well-being of all young children with primary focus on the provision of educational and developmental services and resources. NAEYC expresses its mission in terms of the three broad goals:

- Improving professional practice and working conditions in early childhood education.

- Supporting early childhood programs by working  to achieve a high-quality system of early childhood education.

- Building a high-performing, inclusive organization of groups and individuals who are committed to promoting excellence in early childhood education for all young children.

NAEYC's efforts are designed to achieve these ends: All children have access to a safe and accessible, high quality early childhood education. All early childhood professionals are supported as professionals with a career ladder, and ongoing professional development opportunities.

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