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WENS offers PROFESSIONAL ONLINE AND IN-CLASS CHINESE COURSES. Our courses cover the Basic Chinese Learning, Oral Chinese language Practice, Subject Chinese Learning, HSK Preparation, Business Chinese and Chinese Culture. If you are interested in any of the courses provided, please feel free to CONTACT US for more details. Please read BUYER AGREEMENT & REFUND POLICY before you make any purchase. If  you are willing to learn Chinese with a small group of friends, please contact us before you book any course below. When you place an order, please leave your name, email address and phone no. for the future contact.

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Basic Chinese Course Tuition

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Subject Chinese Course Tuition

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HSK AP Chinese Course Tuition

The website of Kasas State University Chinese program listed ten reasons why students should learn Chinese. These reasons include: 

China is the country to provides unlimited job opportunities. 

US government provides billions in federal funds to support American commercial activities in China. 

China is the country where international relations is. Chinese is a critical language designated by Department of State. 

That is where US politics is. 

Chinese is the language what most people in the world speak. 

American schools and government officials are growing increasingly concerned by the lack of expertise in a language considered critical to national prosperity and security.

'The future does not speak French.' quoted from Newsweek Article. 

Learning Chinese is a trend for next generation. 

University students who do not study Chinese would just simply fall behind in competing with other college graduates with it.